Slut Vomit

by Blood Tusk

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released April 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Blood Tusk Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Shit Piss
- In the darkness spawned a devil, with razor teeth and guttural growls
Solitary and carnivorous, the bloody screaming of their howls
To destroy tear the flesh, the only way a putrid feast
Torn to bone with no remnant
- A beast mentality, from the day their born
Nocturnal killing machines, society has scorn
- So bare witness to Satan, reigning from a foreign land
with disease comes extinction, a vicious cancer lye's at hand
They try to fight it off but it just consumes them whole
- Sickness, it is contagious, spreads among the population, total devastation
Contact, natural killer, warn down from the tumors pressed against the surface
- The disease is their poison
Internal organs fail
The end is upon them
Gutted, Gilded, Guarded as a whole
Gutted, Gilded, Guarded of the fucking souls
Track Name: Flesh Dissolver
- A lone cadaver wanders, chosen for truth
Not excepting your approval, you've all been doomed
- Placement, is key to continue my madness, to and from
A vile consummation, you know you've won
Its just a cataclysmic arrange of events
You have lost all contact, to the outside world
- With my vengeance running pure, flesh dissolver is the cure
Your mistakes they shall haunt you, gutted just to see you bleed
- I have tried to control my anger, but it cant be done
Precious hours wasted on warship, all for what
- With my blade you meet your death
Crunching bone through your chest
Violence is key, violence is my purity
- A shattered shroud of darkness, finally takes hold
I can feel your flesh, its warm still...into jars you go
- I will gaze upon then, like a trophy shelf
Displayed, perpetual wealth
I will gaze upon them, in a time of need
Reminder iv'e planted the seed
- Disfigured proportions, was blind but now I see
Completely distorted, you've met your maker and that maker is me
Track Name: Slut Vomit
You vile whore, you have no place among men
- Mother of hate, deceit and despair, put through the torment, shown no care
Father of lies, inflicted with darkness, internal rage, fed by the sword
- Bring forward, the convicted, guilty of, cardinal sins
Suffer and be purified in order to learn, torture and pain, YOU WILL LEARN
- You dirty bitch, no one will want you, NOW
Your certain filth, disguised in gold
- Burned alive, rotting, carcass
Failed the odds, left with the burden of nothing
Burn the lies, Burn the lies
- Sequence of passion in your eyes
- Fate will deceive, a rusted truth, fall to the seas